Joramco Academy

Course Description

The Academy offers a wide spectrum of training programs and courses:

Aircraft Maintenance Expert Program (AME)

A unique 4-year EASA Part 66 (B1) program that combines both the theoretical knowledge and experience in real working environments, and modern aircraft technologies. It provides a comprehensive education and helps develop maintenance competencies with real maintenance environment practice carried out at Part-145 Maintenance Organization “Joramco” to fulfill licensing requirements in a fast-track approach.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program (AMT)

An EASA Part 66 (B1) foundation course that provides a comprehensive theoretical overview of aircraft systems and maintenance processes. This conventional two-year program is developed to meet the needs of airline and MRO employees who require only theoretical training to qualify for aircraft maintenance license without the practical maintenance experience, in less than 2 years.

Modular Training Courses and Examination

Designed for those seeking EASA Part 66 licensing through the “Self-improver” route with pre-existing experience, whether being airline/MRO employees, Air Force leavers, holders of International licenses seeking EASA license qualification and EASA License holders seeking extending their basic license categories. Joramco Academy offers modular training courses that provide the theoretical knowledge on various individual modules required for the full Part 66 license (B1/B2). Joramco Academy is also an approved examination center for EASA Part 66 (B1 & B2) in association with and on behalf of Air Service Training engineering (AST).

Short Technical and Maintenance Training Courses

In addition to the basic maintenance programs, Joramco Academy provides a number of short technical and maintenance courses to meet the needs of airlines and maintenance organizations and help industry experts improve through technical courses like: Aviation Legislations, Human Factors, Aircraft Maintenance Type Training, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), and others.