Our Transformation

  • 2022
    • May

      Ryanair's management team pays a visit

      • Ryanair’s management team pays a visit
      • New appointment- Head of Safety and Quality
      • Kam Air structure repair
      • New MLG wheel bay access platform
      • ST Engineering/EFW visit to Joramco
      • Activation of the contracts module in EMX – Pilot Project
      • Printers for serviceable and unserviceable tags
      • Third edition of “Our Transformation Journey” released
      • EASA onsite audit was conducted successfully 
      • FleetCycle version upgrade
    • Apr

      Joramco Hosts Annual Company Iftar and Launches New Vision

      • Press Release: Joramco Announces 5 Year Maintenance Agreement with Ryanair
      • Press Release : Joramco Hosts Annual Company Iftar and Launches New Vision
      • Press Release: Joramco Hosts Orphans for Iftar
      • University of Balamand group visit
      • Joramco Academy receives EASA Part-147 0204 approval certificate
      • First time in Joramco: Corendon Airlines pickle fork project
      • First time in Joramco: first TUI fly Boeing 787 C check
      • Joramco participates in MRO Americas for the first time
      • Joramco receives KANNAD/OROLIA programming approval
      • Joramco Academy Ramadan Iftar
    • Mar

      Joramco celebrates another successful Ryanair winter season

      • Press Release: Joramco Marks Successful Participation at MRO Middle East 2022
      • Arabian Aerospace: Currie’s Hot Prospects
      • Revised job titles and grades project
      • Composite sub-store is now under Supply Chain
      • Joramco celebrates International Women’s Day
      • First Time in Joramco: Landing gear shocks absorbers replacement
      • Joramco Academy participates in Jordan International Exhibition for Secondary Education
      • AviTrader: Joramco Takes Centre Stage as Regional Recovery Accelerates
      • Joramco Academy radio interview
      • First Time in Joramco: First A320neo CFM LEAP-1A Engine removal / installation
      • The first DAE dismantling project shipment
      • Joramco celebrates another successful Ryanair winter season
      • Hydrostatic Testing Shop approval renewal
    • Feb

      Joramco Extends its Supply Agreement with Satair

      • Environmental Management Systems certificate obtained
      • Joramco participates in MRO Latin America 2022 for the first time
      • Renewal of the hydrostatic testing facility approval
      • Press Release: Joramco Marks Successful Participation at MRO Middle East 2022
      • Extending our agreement with Satair and Proponent
      • Press Release: Joramco Expands maintenance agreement with GetJet Airlines
      • Press Release: Joramco and Corendon Airlines Continue Agreement 
      • Press Release: Joramco and DHL Renew Maintenance Agreement 
      • Joramco Sponsors Times Aerospace TV vide wrap up programs and spotlight video
      • MRO Management: Building for the Future
      • Aircraft Status Dashboard - Version 3.1 roll out
      • Avionics Engineers have successfully passed the JCARC B2 modules exams
      • Arabian Aerospace: Currie's Hot Prospects
      • Joramco launched Safety Culture Survey
      • Joramco launched Booking Metrics Review
    • Jan

      Enviromental & Firefighting Team

      • Holidays Season dinner
      • MRO Management: A New Era for MRO
      • Joramco Academy TV interview
      • Hangars competition was revealed
      • Fuel spill response training
      • Joramco new corporate video revealed
      • Tristar relocation outside Joramco premises
      • 100% of Joramco staff have received both doses COVID-19 vaccine
      • Joramco has been granted the Indonesian Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s approval
  • 2021
    • Dec

      Joramco welcomes back TUI

      • AviTrader, MRO Outlook 2022: Cautious Optimism as Industry Sees Clearer Skies Ahead
      • Joramco welcomes the first 737 NG aircraft from TUI to its facility
      • Second media tour at Joramco  
      • Ryanair management visit
      • Zero sick leaves campaigns
      • The Optimal Maintenance Flow Model introduced
      • Booking Performance Dashboard roll out - phase 5
    • Nov

      New pax doors

      • Joramco welcomed back its customer Alpha Star
      • Press Release: Joramco to Participate in the Dubai Airshow 2021
      • New pax door steps were received
      • Hangar capacity expansion in Hangar 3
      • Joramco sponsorship in Times Aerospace TV
      • Press Release: Joramco Extends its Maintenance Agreement with Ryanair
      • New 100 KVA diesel GPUs were received
      • Press Release: Joramco Celebrates Successful Dubai Airshow 2021
    • Oct

      MOU with UUDS Aero

      • Joramco welcomes new Chief Operating Officer – Adam Voss
      • Commissioning of new aircraft tow tractor “Mototok” and new three line-powered GPU
      • LARA: Five Questions to Joramco
      • Press Release: Joramco Concludes Successful Participation at MRO Europe 2021
      • Hangar 3 capacity increase trial via Mototok
      • MRO Management: A Transformation Journey
      • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are now available
      • Joramco's team visit to Ryanair maintenance facility (PAML)
      • Swiss training for Joramco’s Team 
      • MOU with Testia on fluid testing
      • MOU with UUDS Aero to expand capabilities for cabin refurbishments and B737-800 passenger to cargo conversions
      • MOU with TAT Technologies Ltd regarding the servicing of aircraft Heat Transfer Components (HTC)
      • Extending our spare parts supply support agreement with Boysen GmbH
      • Extending our maintenance agreement with Lufthansa Group
      • AviTrader: Demand for winter slots signals, C check returns
      • Joramco hosted RJ’s 787 Wonder project
      • A320 type rating course
    • Sep

      Replacement of the Front Windshield Frame on A320

      • Appointment of Jeff Wilkinson CEO-DAE Engineering 
      • Press Release: Joramco Appoints Fraser Currie as Chief Executive Officer
      • Aviation Week Network: With 15 Heavy Lines Busy, Joramco Eyes Component Capabilities
      • Airport Customs Management visits Joramco
      • First Time in Joramco : Replacement of the front windshield frame on A320
      • 98% of Joramco staff have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and 96% have received both doses
      • Arabian Aerospace: “Nice to See you” article highlights Joramco
      • Joramco new model is released
      • Joramco and Brussels Airlines improvement workshop
      • DAE aircraft dismantling projects
      • Joramco Academy participates in Awael Education and Training Exhibition
      • Swiss-Joramco post workshop training for the Operations department
      • Leading Edge 10th issue released
      • ISO/ IEC 17025:2017 training course
      • Joramco in-house calibration audit completed bt EIAC
    • Aug

      Joramco Signs Its First Maintenance Agreement with GetJet Airlines

      • Press Release: Joramco Signs Its First Maintenance Agreement with GetJet Airlines
      • AviTrader: Joramco Concludes Successful Participation in MRO Middle East 2021 Conference and Exhibition
      • Commissioning of new aircraft air condition and tow tractor
      • TriStar L1011 parking fees waiver
      • 96% of Joramco staff have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and 93% have received both doses
      • Face-to-face education is back at Joramco Academy
      • B737 NG and A320 familiarization courses
      • Aircraft harvesting program
    • Jul


      • GetJet for the first time at Joramco
      • HR Online Platform
      • First A320neo arrives to Joramco
      • “Post COVID-19 Ramp-Up-Be Ready, Stay Safe” event By EASA
      • Ryanair senior management visit
      • A330 and A340 CFM56 differences course
      • Joramco and Swiss International Airlines improvement workshop


    • Jun

      Stage number 1 Desk Replacement

      • MRO BEER 2021 virtual conference
      • A330/A340 CFM56 differences course
      • Joramco participated in MRO Middle East 2021 Conference & Exhibition
      • Aircraft Status Dashboard introduced
      • Press Release: Joramco and VD Gulf (UAE) Sign Framework Agreement for Cooperation
      • Joramco renewed Boeing consumables and expendables’ support agreement
      • Press Release: Lufthansa Technik Middle East and Joramco sign Memorandum of Understanding
      • Joramco sponsored Times Aerospace TV’s MRO ME 2021 wrap video
      • COVID-19 vaccine: 94% of Joramco’s staff have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine while 33% received two shots
      • First time in Joramco: replacement of the 1st Stage Booster Vanes on CFM56-5C Engine
      • MEWPs new safety bumpers retrofit
      • The completion of Blanchard’s SLII first stage course
      • Swiss “Return to Operations” project
      • Transportation process improvement project completion 
    • May


      • Joramco added new heat treatment capacity
      • Joramco acquired a new calibration accreditation by EIAC
      • Red containers were allocated in all hangars to collect hazardous waste in accordance with the Ministry of Environment instructions
    • Apr


      • Press Release: Joramco announces new maintenance agreement with flydubai
      • First media tour at Joramco 
      • GACA approval updated to include the new capability of A320neo
      • NDT recertification exams 


    • Mar

      DHL is Back

      • “Year of Safety” reward initiation
      • Hazard report easy access in hangars
      • Joramco passed EN 9110 assessment
      • DHL is back to Joramco
      • Operations Safety Bulletin issued
      • Aircraft hangaring tools kit completion
      • Hamzeh’s Lounge opening
      • AviTrader’s “In the Hot Seat” featuring our CCO 
      • New hangar structure
      • Launching Lean Six Sigma Program 
      • FOD Plod Program
      • Joramco has started with the Covid-19 vaccination process for employees 
      • GCAA approval updated to include A319/A320/A321 (V2500) capability
      • Task card check out from and into the CMOs functionality
    • Feb

      Hangar Work Stations Standardization

      • Hangar work stations standardization
      • Training package for Safety & Quality Assurance new joiners by KRATIS
      • KRATIS incident/accident investigation training course for Quality and Operations
      • Scrapping of disabled aircraft LUIZ AIR L1011 completed
    • Jan

      Sofema online training

      • Sofema online training
      • B787 equipped with engine (Trent 1000) has been added to Joramco Bahrain approval
      • Sheet Metal team achieving major structural repairs on multiple projects
      • Joramco Academy received CARC approval to resume face-to-face learning for a number of students 
      • The BSI EN 9110 audit passed
      • Honeywell AR glasses (Worker Assist) introduced in Joramco
      • Sync between FleetCycle and time attendance system 
  • 2020
    • Dec

      ​​​​50 Aircraft Record at Joramco

      • 50 Aircraft record at Joramco!
      • Avitrader: A case for optimism and recovery 
      • Joramco welcomed new customer GoAir
      • Joramco welcomed back Hifly
      • FAA approval has been renewed 


      • EASA approval renewed and scope extension granted
      • Teslong inspection cameras were acquired
      • EmpowerMX Webinar
      • Joramco Academy New Course Kick off 
      • Christmas Eve. Gathering for our Customers
    • Nov


      engine stand

      • New engine stands for A320 Family engine type (CFM56-5A/B) were received.
      • Arabian Aerospace: Joramco maintains MRO operations during pandemic.
      • Joramco celebrated Indian Diwali with its customers.
      • Avitrader Featuring our CCO:Sitting at the crossroads
      • Chemical Cabinets New Procedure

    • Oct

      Calibration lab

      • Calibration Lab scope extension to include the weighing and pressure gauges
      • Joramco Welcomes a New LHT Group Season
      • Joramco & Testia Launch a New Version of The SmartUE1
    • Sep


      • Additional Swiss Aircraft Arrive to Joramco
    • Aug

      Ryanair at Joramco Jordan

      • Press Release: Joramco Heads into the New Season Continuing Maintenance Agreement with Ryanair
      • Aviation Week Article Featuring our CCO
      • Jamco visit Joramco
      • FAA Approves Updated Component Capability List
      • Arabian Aerospace Article Featuring our CCO
    • Jul

      Joramco Academy

      • Press Release: Joramco Academy Kicks off New Semester for Scholarship Winners
      • Successful Completion of CARC Annual Audit
      • New Tripod Jacks
      • Productive and Non-productive Labor Hours Log-in in FleetCycle
      • First Time Customer- Vistara Signs Agreement with Joramco
      • Read & Sign Automation through Q-pulse
      • Oman PACA AMO Approval Updated to include B737- MAX
      • More SWISS Aircraft Park in Joramco
    • June


      • Aviation Week: Joramco Hampered More by Travel Restrictions than Lack of Demand
      • Ryanair End of Winter Season Checks
      • Joramco has added B737 Max to its scope of work under the Turkish DGCA approval.
      • Joramco Academy is Back!
      • Mechanics Sign-on Using Fleet Cycle
      • FOD PLOD Campaign
      • Arabian Aerospace Podcast Featuring our CCO 
      • Switzerland Ambassador Visits Joramco
    • May

      Supporting Swiss international airlines.jpg

      • Joramco Supports Swiss International Airlines
      • Flydubai Aircraft Swap
    • April

       Joramco Employees.jpg

      • Joramco Stands for the Protection and Job-Security of its Workers amid Coronavirus Crisis
      • VVIP A32O Aircraft Successfully Released Following a 7-Month Maintenance
      • Joramco takes COVID19 Precautionary Measures
      • Petra News Agency Interview Our CEO
      • Joramco Supports Alitalia in a Repatriation Flight
      • Winners of the JA Scholarship Announced
    • March

       First 777 aircraft released

      • First Time in Joramco - NGS Modification Performed
      • AviTrader Q&A Featuring Our CEO
      • Joramco Soars Into the Second Phase of the Scholarship Selection
      • MRO Russia & CIS Participation
    • Feb


      • Joramco Introduces First Aircraft Maintenance Scholarship  ( Soar Into Your Future)
      • New Director Engineering Appointment – Mohammad Al Sirhan
      • “Soar Into Your Future” Scholarship Open Day
      • First 777 Arrives to Joramco
      • PR: Avion Express Signs Maintenance Agreement with Joramco
      • Head of Quality & Safety Assurance Appointment – Mohannad Al Faqir
      • Relocation of the Safety Section
      • MRO Middle East 2020
      • Director Business Development Appointment - Elie Dib
    • Jan


      • Joramco Welcomes new COO; Adrian Beirne
      • SMS Training Completed
      • HTU Visit Joramco Academy
      • CFM56-7C Replaced For the First Time in Joramco
      • University of Applied Sciences-Germany Students Visit Joramco
      • MRO Africa 2020 Participation


  • 2019
    • Dec


      • New PCs Installed in the Hangars
      • Joramco's Calibration Shop is ISO Accredited
      • Sun Express are back to Joramco
      • Relocation of the Production Planning Section
      • Wings of Lebanon Aircraft in Joramco
      • New Mobile Elevated Work Platforms ( MEWPs)


      • Joramco adds the B777, B787 & the A320neo to its GCAA approval
      • HRH Prince Asem Visits Joramco
      • New Crib Tool Procedure
      • Fully Digitalized Engineering Orders in Joramco
      • Purge Air Equipment Training
      • GJU Visit Joramco Academy
      • Repair & Design Approval Form (RDAF) Introduced
      • Customers Christmas Dinner
      • HTU Visit Joramco Academy
    • Nov


      • Global Aircraft Maintenance Forum
      • Appointment of Head of Academy/ Samer Khurma
      • New Aircraft Project Managers (APM) Appointed
      • Capacity of Joramco Hangars Increases to 17 slots
      • Dubai Air Show 2019
      • PR – Kenya Airways Renews its Agreement with Joramco
      • PR- Corendon Airlines Chooses Joramco
      • Joramco Signs Agreement with PDQ


      • Employees Lounge Area is Now Open
      • First ESG Program for SWISS
      • Customer Relations Expansion
      • Joramco Wins Environmental Excellence Award
      • SmartLynx Airlines First Time in Joramco
      • Arabian Aerospace Interview our CEO
      • Joramco Academy Honored
      • ICAN event sponsorship
    • Oct


      • First time in Joramco, Split Scimitar Winglet Modification (SSW) on flydubai aircraft A6-FEC
      • Joramco's 19th Anniversary 
      • First RJ 787 C2 Check
      • TMO Restructured
      • New Appointments in Operations
      • MRO Europe 2019
      • Sponsorship: Haya Theatre Festival
      • Kenya Airways Partners with Joramco for Heavy Maintenance Services on its B787 Aircraft
      • MNG Airlines Signs New Base Maintenance Agreement With Joramco


      • Ryanair Selects Joramco as its Base Maintenance Provider
      • Joramco & Testia enter into MoU
      • Avion Express Signs GTA with Joramco
      • Medical Centre is Now Open!
      • Our CCO in MRO Network
      • Ultrasonic Inspection Capability Added
      • Joramco in The Irish Times
      • Safety Ambassadors in Joramco
      • Lithium Battery FCE Dedicated Battery Charge /Discharge Test
      • Joramco in Spark Career Day
    • Sep


      • Joramco Obtains B777 EASA-145 Approval
      • EN9110 Certificate 
      • Matt Stewart Appointed as Director TMO
      • Airbus 320neo (PW engine) added to the EASA approvals
      • World Aviation Festival
      • Restructuring of the HR Department
      • Joramco in Akhtaboot’s 10th Job Fair 2019
      • FleetCycle® Go-Live
      • Renovation and 5S Implementation in Hangar 5 Mezzanine Area
      • Customs & Shipping Relocation
      • MRO Asia-Pacific 2019
      • New Maintenance Data Access for RJ 787
      • Welding Shop is Up and Running
    • Aug

      University Visit

      • Al Balqaa’ Applied University Visit
      • Joramco’s Family Fun Day
      • Avion Express Selects Joramco
      • Business Review Meeting
      • JCARC Approval Renewed
      • Joramco Academy Exhibits
      • Lufthansa Group Workshop
      • EN9110 ISO Audit
      • Leading Edge - August Edition 
    • Jul


      • New Lockers Room Opening
      • Brussels A330 Cabin Modification Project
      • Joramco Academy Program Improvement
      • NDT Staff Training

      DAE onboarding

      • DAE Employees Onboarding
      • ISO EN9110 Workshop & Audit
      • Performance Management Approach Revised.
      • Business Review Meeting


    • Jun

      first aid

      • First Aid Team Certified
      • Q-pulse go-live
      • Careers page added to the website
      • 5S Methodology Implementation in Hangar 2
      • ​​​​​GTAs signed with ICBC and CDB Aviation
      • Lean Six Sigma Implementation  in Joramco's Main Stores
      • A320neo Course
      • EN9110 Training
      • Leadership Training
    • May


      • First B787 C-check in Joramco 
      • Alpha Star & Kenya Airways for the first time in Joramco
      • Safety Star Award Competition  
      • JUST students visit
      • Business Review Meeting
      • MRO Global – Leasing MRO participation
      • CSR Committee formed


      • Joramco’s Annual Ramadan Iftar
      • Food Packages Distribution to the needy
      • MRO BEER participation
      • Opening of the People Service Center
      • Ideagen secures software project with Joramco
      • Ramadan Orphans Iftar and Clothing


      • GDC Engineering partnership
    • Apr


      • University of Balamand OJT
      • Wireless intercom system acquisition
      • Joramco Academy JCARC approval extension
      • Leading Edge - Fourth Edition 


      • First Staff Roadshow 2019
    • Mar

      MRO Africa

      • MRO Russia & MRO Africa participation
      • Air Belgium signs GTA with Joramco 
      • A320neo FAA approval 
      • Airbus accreditation to Joramco 
      • First ADS-B installation in Joramco
    • Feb

      Access Stands

      • Introducing new Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
      • MRO Middle East 2019
      • Blood Donation Campaign
      • EASA A320neo and B737 MAX approval
      • Shops renovation 
    • Jan

      Air Malta aircraft

      • Air Malta signs GTA with Joramco
      • Engage with EN9110 certification body
      • Entrance area renovation
      • B787 C3 JCARC approval
      • Recycle Bins in Joramco
      • B737- 800 added to the SACAA approval
  • 2018
    • Dec

      ​​​​BAU visit

      • BAU students’ visit
      • flydubai renews its agreement with Joramco
      • GCAA B737-9 approval  
      • New shift system
      • First lateral window frame replacement 
    • Nov


      • 9 flag carriers in our facility 
      • BAU students visit  
    • Oct

      MRO Europe

      • MRO Europe 2018
      • New customer wash-up meeting process
      • “Our Transformation Journey” publication
      • Think Pink session
      • New website launched
    • Sep

      Staff Lounge

      • Establishing a staff lounge
      • Appointment of SMS Manager/Trevor Crow
      • ITP award nomination of "MRO of the year"
      • Customer Support Office renovation
    • Aug


      • New WinGrip system acquired
      • New Customer Support offices in hangars 5 & 6
      • New Syrian NAA approval

      New recycling

      • New recycling campaign introduction
      • New inflatable shelter acquired
      • HSE campaign launch
      • EASA B787 approval up to C3
      • Major hangar renovations
    • Jul
      • MLG Replacement Capability for A330 and A340
      • MRO in Aviation Exhibition Participation
      • Restructuring of the Supply Chain Department
      • Production Planning relocation to hangar

      Supply Chain

      • Appointment of Sakher Haddadin / Head of Supply Chain
      • Academic Excellence Award for Joramco Students  
      • Signing of EmpowerMX agreement
      • A320neo LEAP1A training in Malaysia
    • Jun
      • Boeing B777 type rating course completed


      • Ramadan staff celebration
      • Cognitive Skills training performed
    • May


      • New staff uniform scheme implementation
      • A320neo Differential course completed
      • QA relocation to hangars


      • MRO BEER participation 
      • Global Aerospace Summit participation
      • SOFEMA aviation services training
      • Training needs assessment survey initiated 
      • AP&M participation
    • Apr


      • Appointment of Abdelmalek Murad / COO
      • Creation of the Transformation Management Office
      • Appointment of Mike Ainsworth /Director TMO
      • Aviation Africa participation
      • New approval/B787 added to the JCARC capability list


      • Appointment of Fraser Currie / CCO
      • FOD PLOD program implementation
      • New Human Factors training commenced with KRATIS
      • First B787 weighing performed
      • Joramco team volunteer on Earth Day
    • Mar
      • Ancourage Consultancy assessment for Production staff
      • Structure Damage Evaluation course
      • Training Center restructuring into Joramco Academy  
      • 1st edition of Leading Edge issued/Internal Magazine

      Women's Day

      • Mother's Day & Women's Day celebrations
      • MRO Africa participation
      • B737 MAX C2 Check addition to FAA/JCARC approval
      • NDT Inspectors requalification to level 2
      • 7 flag carriers at our facility
    • Feb
      • Appointment of 8 new APMs in the Operations  
      • Aviation Space and Technology conference participation
      • External Cleaning team HSE training
    • Jan


      • Alton Aviation Consultancy assessment
      • Kuwait Aviation Show participation
      • MRO Middle East participation


      • AACO cooperation protocol with Joramco Academy
      • Appointment of new Hangar Managers
      • Blood Donation Campaign
  • 2017
    • Dec


      • EASA granted Joramco Acadmey 2-year aviation maintenance course approval
      • Relocation of the Commercial Department
      • Commencing of the Technical English Program
      • Joramco calibration shop ISO accreditation
      • KHCC accredited Joramco as a non-smoking facility
    • Nov
      • Dubai Air Show participation
      • Opening of two new cafeterias near the hangars
      • Top 50 Management briefing meeting 
      • Completion of first B737 MAX EIS project
      • Boeing lists Joramco as GoldCare Partner
    • Oct


      •  Appointment of Jeff Wilkinson / CEO
      • Weekly Staff Comms initiated
      • Suggestion Box procedure implementation