Aircraft Services

Aerospace Systems & Component Capability List

Joramco has established the capabilities to service more than 16,000 components in avionics, mechanical instruments, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, seats, tires and brakes, etc.

Capability List

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Avionics Systems

  • Radio (communication and navigation)
  • Main and emergency power generation (batteries)
  • Control Panels, head sets and megaphones
  • Flight recorder
  • Instruments (mechanical, electrical, gyroscopic, and electronics)
  • Electrical (smoke detectors, lights, ballast, emergency lights, landing & taxi lights, strop lights)

Mechanical Systems

  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Fuel
  • Fans, toilet modules, pumps
  • Electrical actuators, door actuators, dampers, ball screws
  • Hydrostatic test
  • Machining (local fabrication of parts and special tools)
  • Permaswage tubes repair
  • Fire extinguishers

Cabin Equipment and Appearance

  • Side wall panels
  • NTF (non textile flooring), carpets
  • Passengers seats, cockpit seats
  • Galley inserts (boilers, coffee makers, and ovens)
  • Dry clean and fabricate seat cushions, seat covers, and curtains
  • Placards, decals, nameplates
  • Design and fabricate large format logos and stencils
  • Exterior paint marking of aircraft
  • Engraving and printing material

Aircraft Structures

  • Composite repair under SRM
  • Composite Metal bond repair
  • Composite Hot bond and room temperature repair incorporating 250 F and 350 F pre-preg materials and 150 F and 230 F resins.
  • Composite heat blanket
  • Composite delamination, disbands, Impact damage moisture ingression and erosion
  • Sheet Metal repair under SRM
  • Sheet Metal Internal and external structure repair, modification, and replacement
  • Sheet Metal skin replacement
  • Sheet Metal cabin floor structure replacement
  • Sheet metal wings, slats, flaps, spoilers, and ailerons repair
  • Exterior paint, interiors paint, and parts paint

Specialized Services

  • NDT (“X” Ray, ultrasonic, eddy current,
    thermography, fluorescent, penetrate, and engine bores cope)
  • Fuel leak detection
  • Dalic Cadmium plating
  • Fuel sample analysis
  • Water quality check

Safety Equipment

  • Escape slides, rafts
  • Crew, passengers, and infant life jackets
  • Survival kit
  • Hydrostatic test for reservoir and cylinder
  • Wheels and Brakes
  • Hydraulically actuated brakes and wheels